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Get involved

We would love for you to come and volunteer your enthusiasm, passion for nature, and green fingers! No prior experience is necessary, just a smile and a good attitude; we’ll teach you all the rest.

All accommodation and delicious (spicy!) meals will be provided in return for your work here. Feel free to make use of the kitchen yourself (cups of tea, your own cooking).

At our Eco-Farm, the daily timetable looks something like this:
  • 6:30 morning meeting and cup of tea
  • 7:00 morning work begins
  • 9:00 – 9:30 breakfast
  • 11:00 breaktime until 16:00
  • 13:00 lunch
  • 16:00 afternoon work begins
  • 17:30 tea-break
  • 19:00 dinner

We are very open to new ideas, so feel free to share project proposals and initiate your own projects during your time here. 
Here’s an idea of the type of work you will be doing in a typical day:
  • Weeding
  • Spreading compost over the plants
  • Creating new compost
  • Mixing compost
  • Clearing and preparing land for new gardens
  • Planting seeds and plants
  • Watering
  • Picking fruit and vegetables
  • Help milking the cows (6:30 start)

Volunteers get 1 day off a week, however, if you volunteer long-term, you'll have 6 days off a month. You can decide which days you have off, but you must inform the team leader a few days beforehand. 
On Saturdays, our 'PLANET ORGANIC' fruits and vegetables are taken to Kandy market to be sold. You are more that welcome to get involved in this process. We pick and pack the produce on Friday, then head to the market early Saturday morning.

How to apply

  • Please contact the farm, and submit your application form, 1 week in advance of your arrival
  • Dear Volunteers,

    we are restructuring the farm vision and our program for Helpers, Students and Workers.

    Our main aim is to go as soon as possible self sufficient with food, plastic free and minimum use of electronic equipment. 
    The harvest of our organically grown rice is almost over. To eat our own spray free rice is very important to us.
    We built the first Banana Circle on the farm, more to come. 
    Started a new nursery, breeding up compost worms for fertilizer production, are producing compost & terra preta.
    Soon we will start to rebuild the large veggie garden redesigned as a raised bed forest garden.

    You might have heard, that part of our main building burned down. 
    Most of it is rebuild with mud, clay, coconut leave roofing & timber from again. 
    Bigger and better :-)

    Until our vegetables, fruit and coconut production can support us and our volunteers with enough fresh produce through out the year we will buy our needed supply from the local community & from the farmers of the home town of Chaminda. 
    So we all already can enjoy unlimited supply of king coconuts for drinking, extra virgin coconut oil, pineapple, bananas, guavas, papayas, jackfruit and of course seasonal fruits…
    That is why we are asking from the 11th of February 2019 on for a small donation of € 25 per week from our Helpers, Students, Volunteers & Team members.
    Thank you very much for your understanding & support. 
    Looking forward to have you with us and to work, learn and celebrate together. 

    Love & permaculturally 

    ❀ Christoff, Chaminda & Team
    Edible gardens, self-sufficiency & ecological consulting
    +43 664 415 01 10


Due  to our restructuring pls contact us directly if you would like to stay long term.
Cheers & permaculturally
❀ Christoff, Chaminda & Team

Full time, 2 months or more. The program will run twice a year with ten new people being selected for each new program. Please pay for it after came to our community. For more than two weeks single membership is $120.00 (USD). Membership for two people travelling together is $ 150.00 (USD) 

Dry (Yala) season 1st quarter
  • From March 10th to July 10th
  • Focus crops are peanut, Kawpi, Sesame seed, barley, vegetable and rice varieties, and cashew nuts. The Eco community seeks arrival of the Participants before 25th of March.
Rainy (Maha) season 2nd quarter
  • From August 20th to December 10th. The main crop is rice, vegetables will be planted later on.
  • Eco community seeks arrival of the participants before August 30th.
  • Applications and personal information should be submitted to the Eco community via email at least one month before the program start date
  • Applicants can select to participate in IPM, organic farming, permaculture, biodynamic farming, zero-budget natural farming, agro-forestry, animal husbandry and changing crops.
  • The Eco community will provide food and accommodation for the participants. They can take 7 days of vacation for the season. Participants should record their work to share with the community and to develop their own knowledge.

Wwoofing (and workaway)

WWOOF Sri Lanka (wwooflk) is part of the World-Wide Organization of Organic Farmers (WWOOF). The main host farm in Sri Lanka is our farm. If you wish to WWOOF in Sri Lanka you should first come to our Eco-community. From here we can arrange for you to visit other organic farms around Sri Lanka. Email us at ecocommunitylk@gmail.com for further information.

We see a revival and restoration of the rural peasant economy which dominates Asian societies as the only feasible solution to present day social problems. We hope that by inviting WWOOFers to come to work with small scale organic farmers in Sri Lanka we can share experiences and knowledge and learn from each other to help build a strong community which engages in and promotes alternative lifestyles and methods of agriculture.

Please apply with the same process outlined above

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