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“I wish I could stay longer. This place is full of beauty and magic. The yellow sunrise. The red sunset. The howl of the peacocks. Baby seedlings sprouting and giant ancient trees towering. Sincere smiles over endless cups of tea. Spicy delicious curries made with love and laughter. What a beautiful life. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.”  Cara (Australia)

“I have learned a lot about life while staying here with you. I hope you are a pioneer and inspire your country to take care of all its beauty, abundant, rich wildlife and diversity that still exists and realise how fortunate you are being able to live with nature instead of having to master it. Many contradictions and challenges to work with and I look forward to coming back next year to share them with you. “ Jandi (Sweden)

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived but wow this place is so beautiful and peaceful. So much has happened, progressed and grown in the 9 weeks I’ve been here. Chickens have multiplied by the thousands, a cow shed has gone up and vegetation has flourished. I have learned a lot from Chaminda by watching intensely how he works. I admire hugely your work capacity and drive to make things happen. I don’t know where you find the energy all the time. Wow what an experience to be here in the stunning countryside surrounded by so much beauty and opportunity. A truly authentic and magical time I’ve had.” Sam (England)

“The people who have gathered here to work are all amazing people who, despite the language barrier, were constantly making me laugh and helping me feel welcome. Fresh picked fruit and the most beautiful scenery imaginable. It has been an incredible experience.” Alex (USA)

“My amazing time here was filled with puppies, healthy and sick baby goats, a frustrating fishing net fence and that damn mongoose that nobody else saw.  I really enjoyed this experience, despite the challenges and I hope I was helpful!” Hana (New Zealand)

“Thank you so much for the past two weeks. I’ve loved the routine, the work, the watering, the sunrises, the sunsets, coconut chilli salad, regular cups of tea and the lovely company of course. Chaminda, your capacity for hard work is astonishing. I am completely humbled by it. As is your generosity and easy-goingness as a host. You’re a special bunch of people. Thanks for the company, the laughs and all the interesting and inspiring chats.” Kate (Australia)

“The last two weeks have been amazing, confronting, inspiring, relaxing and really interesting. It was my first wwoofing experience and I can say it was a success. Though in the beginning I found it hard to cope with the steaming hot sun, the morning rhythm and hard work, after a while the place grew on me. I wish you the best of luck and success to make this project succeed” Ischa (Holland)

“Where did this month disappear? I remember arriving on the bus in the dark not knowing what I was getting in to, to meet Chaminda, hear a community of elephants running around looking for water. Four nights with big bonfires around the farm and fire torches to scare the elephants with made all of us quite exhausted. Harvesting rice, planting papaya, chilli building a chicken house, digging in the kitchen garden, collecting coconuts, cooking food and grating coconuts, harvesting rice, eating rice, shitting rice, talking rice, carrying rice, loving rice pays a price.” Jandi (Sweden)

"It has been so nice to sleep in the clay house, to work on it, to experience a way of working and living far from too much waste of energies (electricity and water) and to be in real contact with the nature in the relaxing time of the day just to sit in a place and look at the nature around and to see so many wild animals that I had never seen before in my life! everything was every time a wonder! and anyway that's my way of seeing life... I wish you a big success in that common enterprise and I hope to come back soon to see you all and work again with you! Much love to you all" Benedict (France)

"Can you manage? Yes we can! We felt like being in the middle of nowhere when we got off the bus at saliyagama junction - probably the only place in sri lanka where you have to ask a tuk-tuk-driver for a ride (and not the other way round). But enough about transportation and logistics issues. Let's enter the eco community. The first thing we want to mention is the courage and enthusiasm of Chaminda, Thilina, Kumara, Susith, Bandara and Mala. Especially chaminda impressed us with his way of thinking and talking (although he has some minor issues with english grammar ;-) ). The way he sees things and criticises the downsides of the sri lankan society is amazing. Chaminda, you really have huge balls to think, say, and DO what you actually do. Keep on doing that. You speak and live truth. So, let's talk about the work we have done on the farm: weeding, planting, "roofing", building mud walls, washing the goats, milking the cows, going to the milkshop in the evening by motorcycle (2 people + milk can on 1 motorcycle can be pretty exciting), redesigning the facebook-page and the website of the community. That was pretty much everything we did. It's hard to say what we like best. The weeding in the mornings definitely had a meditative aspect which was a good start into the day. Goat washing was just so much fun and building roofs out of palm leaves was a challenge for our climbing skills. I think we spent about 20.000 hours climbing on differnet roofs. Monkey style :-) Of course we learnt a lot about natural building and eco farming (and also how to give medicine to a goat if she doesn't want to take it). But the most important thing we learnt is that everything in life is about technique and rythm. That might sound weird now but you'll understand when you come to the farm ... So, what else to say? Mala's cooking is incedibly good. By far the best food in sri lanka. Her pumpkin curries and her sambols are unbelievable. We'd love to have something like that right now. Thilina has some really good martial arts skills. If you have the opportunity to learn from him then go for it. In addition to that he is a real "mr. nice guy"." Maria & Hannes (Austria)

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