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How old do I have to be to be a volunteer or wwoofer at the Eco-community?
  • We are open to every age, nationality or religion.

What do I have to bring for myself ?
  • ·         Gardening gloves
  • ·         A sturdy pair of shoes
  • ·         Portable charger (there’s limited electricity and internet access)
  • ·         Mosquito repellent/cream (there’s a lot of mosquitos! The beds do come with mosquito nets)
  • ·         A torch
  • ·         Toilet paper (there’s currently a limited supply)
  • ·         A jumper (it can get cold at night)
  • ·         Suncream
  • ·         A hat 

Which kind of clothes do I need to bring/how is the weather?
  • We are in a dry-zone area, so normally it’s dry and hot (around 30oC). However, we recommend you bring long trousers, and also a warm jumper for the evenings as it can get colder at night.
  • But April/May, October/November is rain season. You should bring some waterproof shoes and an anorak or raincoat during this season.

Is accommodation and food completely covered with the work?
  • Yes. But if you need something special, you should bring it yourself.
  • If you do that, please have in mind that we try to share everything, including alcohol or cigarettes.

Is there an insurance which covers me while working on the farm?
  • No. You have to find your own health-insurance and take care while you’re working.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with some work, you don’t have to do it. Just talk to us.

How is the malaria/dengue-situation on the farm and in Sri Lanka in general?
  • Malaria isn’t a big problem in Sri Lanka and dengue is mostly in urban areas.

Do I need to get a VISA?
  • It depends on your nationality. For Europeans, If you are staying less than 1 month you only need to fill in an electronic travel authorization available at http://www.eta.gov.lk in order to get a visa. If you want to stay longer you can extend your visa up to 90 days at the immigration office in Colombo.

How many days a week/hours a day do I have to work?
  • Generally, we work from 7:00-11:00 (with a half hour break for breakfast), then from 16:00-19:00 (with a tea break). 
  • We work 6 days a week; you can select your day off yourself but must let the team leader know a few days in advance.

How many WWOOFers are staying at the eco community at the same time?
  • At the moment we can accommodate up to 8 WWOOFers or volunteers at a time. We are currently building more houses, so we hope to be able to host more in the future.

Is there Internet at the eco community or an internet-café close by?
  • We have no internet here so bring your own if you need it! You can visit our office in Kurunegala (2 to 3 hours by bus) if you'd like to use the internet during out-of-office hours.

Is there electicity/tapwater or a WC at the farm?
  • We have electricity, but it is currently limited, so we recommend you bring your own portable charger if you'll be needing lots of electricity. We wash at the nearby well or river and boil or distill water from the well for drinking. Of course we have toilets, but bring toilet paper with you!

Can I pay the membership when I’m there or do I have to pay via electronic banking before?
  • It’s better for us to pay before you come here, but it’s also okay to pay when you are here. In very special occasions we can do it without membership fee. The membership fee for WWOOFLK is 35 USD for one person or 50 USD for two people travelling together.
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