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Hello and welcome to the Eco-Community farm, Sri Lanka! We're passionate about the environment and would love for you to join us in creating a community based on the principals of self-sustaining, organic farming. 


Set in the heart of 50 acres of tropical land, our farm is full of beautiful gardens bursting with papaya, guava, bananas, coconuts, cashews and chillis, as well as an array of different kinds of vegetables. Chickens cluck , goats scramble, and mother cows and their calves stroll around to the music of 32 species of birds’ song. As previous volunteers have described it aptly, our Eco-Farm is a “paradise!” 

Our Eco-Community is situated in the midst of a small farming village, Thennakoogama, in the Kurunegala District. This area is blessed with natural resources, and the two nearby water reservoirs mean that our farm is naturally blessed with rich soils, varieties of plants and trees. We currently have 16 cows, 5 chickens, 12 goats, and an array of different fruits, vegetables and nuts; from cashews to papaya to chili. 

How it works
We would love for you to volunteer at our farm! Check out our 'Get Involved' page for more information. 
If you have any questions about volunteering or would like to learn more about the farm, please contact us

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